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I'm a Survivor by DaniTKB I'm a Survivor by DaniTKB

In my live I had good but also hard times.
I got Bullied,
I got my heart broken more then once,
I got to my deepest point of life with my Depression,
I had stress that just made me tired of everything,
I've been ashamed of my actions through life,
And I've had lots of pain from the in and outside.

But no matter how hard my dam life will be I will survive and one day I will get to the top of my mountain and just beat everyone who ever tried to burn my castle down.
My life is my choice. I'm the only one who is going to control it and I'm the only one who is allowed to judge me.
Cause you don't know me and you don't stand in my shoes.

And just.. go somewhere far away from me if you gonna judge me..

Srry about that I just had to do this.
I was just looking around and first I bumped into something from my ex crush
and then I ended up by some cyber bullying thingie.
And I was like. It sucks and hurts for anyone but I survived it and I got strong.

They should just do whut they did here in my country.
There was a man threatening his ex-wife with facebook and they forbid him to use it for a year or 2 and when ever the woman felt he had made a new account they would just deactivated it.
They should do that do cyber bullying and pedos on the internet.
Just block them for 2 years from: Facebook, Skype, Twitter and idk what more...

Well made this with photoshop.
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NinfiaShaymin Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
I know exactly how you feel. It just makes me so sick to see people doing something like that. I wish bullying would just stop and all the pain would go away.
PL-Fan111 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know how you feel...
Bullying is a terrible thing. It scars you for life. Nobody deserves to get bullied, nobody asks for it. The worst part is that the bullies' actual opinion of bullying in their school would be, 'there is no bullying happening here'.
Right. As if.
Bullies are sick. They want to hide their own sadness by making other people's lives a misery.
It's not right. Nobody should get bullied.
And yet, it happens. It's sad, but it does.
But if we don't do anything, nothing will change. This is why bullies need to be stopped.
DaniTKB Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yep. They but show they're misery by giving it to others. Or hiding who they really are because they don't want to be treated like trash.
I personally think the bullies are the trash and they just need to be cleaned up.
PL-Fan111 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, that's true.
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January 31, 2013
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